2229 (Loughborough) Squadron

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13 Core Activities

If you’re a fan of aviation, action and adventure, love sports and getting to know people then you’re in the right place. Every year nearly 60,000 air cadets and volunteer staff take part in exciting events all over the country. And with over 1,000 squadrons across the UK, you could be one of them...

  • Aviation

    Promote and encourage a practical interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force among young people

  • Training

    Provide training which will be useful in the Services and civilian life

  • Adventure

    Encourage the spirit of adventure and develop qualities of leadership and good citizenship

Volunteer Staff

The staff at 2229 are all volunteers, DBS cleared and trained to the highest standards.
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Flt Lt Garraway

Officer Commanding
The Squadron Commander oversees the general running of the squadron, its staff and more importantly the cadets.

Fg Off Dring

The Adjutant is a very important role. Overseeing all the administration of running the squadron from health & safety to event management.
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Fg Off Howroyd

Training Officer
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WO (ATC) Butler

Squadron Warrant Officer
The WO is in charge of drill and discipline on the squadron keeping both staff and cadets in line with RAF and Air Cadet policies
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Sgt Ferguson

Fieldcraft Officer
Keeper of the website and fieldcraft training
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Sgt Severn

Shooting Officer
Range Conducting Officer, Short Range, Long Range, Skill at Arms Instructor
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Sgt Atkins

DofE Instructor

Sgt Kelly

Adult Instructor
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Civilian Instructor Kent

Music Instructor

Civilian Instructor Revis

Civilian Instructor Sayers

Civilian Instructor Wong

1st Aid and Media

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