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The Royal Air Force Air Cadets are always recruiting both Cadets and Staff. Depending on the Squadron this process can vary slightly. The information below is our recruitment is undertaken at Loughborough Squadron.

Cadet Recruitment

To join the Cadets you must be between 13, or age 12 when beginning school year 8 (England & Wales), S2 (Scotland), 9 (NI) and 17 years old. Once you have joined you can stay until you're 20 years old depending on your service experience as a Cadet. If you are over 20 and wish to get involved see the Staff Recruitment section.

At Loughborough Sqn we have two intakes per year. One at the start of the school year in September and a second around April and March. This provides a better experience for new Cadets as they go through their First Class Training as a unit and get to develop together as a team.

Initially new Cadets are allocated into the Training Flight and are taught the basics of the Cadets including; drill, discipline, how to prepare and wear their uniform and much more. Once they have completed this initial training and passed out they will join the rest of the Squadron and the Cadet world and the wide range of experiences really is their oyster.

Our Next Intake will be in September 2023, if interested in joining visit: 
 Royal Air Force Air Cadets to find your nearest squadron.

Staff Recruitment

The backbone of the Air Cadet organisation are the adult volunteers. Adult volunteers help to plan, organise, supervise all of our activities on both Squadron evenings and week long camps. It doesn't matter if you have previous Cadet/military experience, skills, knowledge. All that matters is that you are committed and have essential personal qualities including; patience, maturity, responsibility and an understanding of young people. Training and support are provided at every step.

Initially you would join as a Civilian Instructor and volunteer when you are able to. After you have gained suitable experience progression to becoming a uniformed adult volunteer is possible. Roles as both senior non-commissioned officers and commissioned officers are available after passing a number of interviews and selection processes. Naturally more commitment and professionalism is required with these roles but again support is provided all along your journey.

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